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Founded in 2000, Maverick of Texas Construction, Inc began as a residential foundation contractor in San Antonio, TX. Since then, Maverick has expanded into commercial and multi-family construction. Maverick services all of San Antonio and South Central Texas. Throughout the years, Maverick continuously evolves to provide an efficient and quality production. We take pride in attributing to the success and growth our city.



Maverick of Texas Construction, Inc complies with all OSHA workplace safety and health requirements. We maintain occupational safety and health standards that go beyond industry standards. Maverick will not allow its employees to work in an unsafe environment.

At Maverick, we have established a safety committee comprised of manager and labor representatives. They are responsible for identifying hazards, unsafe work environments, and accident prevention. Our Safety Committee strives to achieve an accident-and-injury-free workplace.


  • Investigate accidents and use as a training method for future prevention
  • Safety management is responsible to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses
  • Our safety team welcomes all employees’ suggestions for a safer workplace
  • All management is committed to maintaining and enforcing safe work practices
  • Employees are required to report all hazards and unsafe work practices. Maverick is conducting a thorough investigation to promote workplace safety.
  • Strive to achieve zero accidents and injuries
  • Provide mechanical and physical safeguards where necessary
  • Conduct routine safety and health inspections to eliminate unsafe working conditions, control health hazards, and comply with all applicable OSHA safety and health requirements
  • Train all employees in safe work practices and procedures
  • Provide employees with necessary personal protective equipment. Train every employee to use and care for equipment
  • Enforce company safety and health regulations. Requiring all employees to comply with regulations


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